MKFM Combi Menu Review

Calcutta Brasserie have a new Combi Menu which allows customers to try something different without missing out on their favourite dishes.

Most people stick to their usual curry when they visit an Indian restaurant - and there’s nothing wrong with that - but Calcutta Brasserie want to help MK expand its curry palate.

That's the idea behind a brand new initiative at Calcutta Brasserie, called the CombiMenu. The Combi Menu is a chance to try a new dish and still have one of your old favourites as well – all for one price.

MKFM went along to try the Combi Menu - check out our review here...

The Combi menu is a great idea if like me, you always order the same dish when you go for an Indian meal.

For me, I'm a fan of the UK's favourite curry, classic Chicken Tikka Masala.  I've expanded my palate slightly and usually go for something slightly more exotic like Chicken Lababdar or Butter Chicken which taste very similar to Tikka Masala but with a bit more of a creamy tomatoey sauce.  But the Combi menu gives you a chance to try something completely different alongside what you usually order.

I was tempted to try a lamb dish, as I usually stick to chicken, and the description of the Rajasthani Laal Maas really appealed to me - it's apparently a delicacy of the Indian Rajputs and is cooked in hot chillis called "Rajasthani Deghi Mirch" along with yoghurt and tomato gravy.  I ordered it 'medium hot' rather than as it comes, which is hot.

After some tasty poppadums our food came out.  Rather than two normal portions which would have been far too much food, the dishes are slightly smaller but there was still more than I could eat! I was very impressed with the lamb dish - it was succulent with flavours which were complex and very different from what I would normally have.  It was so nice, I found myself finishing it before moving back to my usual chicken dish which was much less interesting by comparison.

I would definitely recommend the Combi Menu at Calcutta Brasserie for anyone like me who knows what they like but always wonders if there's more on the menu that they might be missing out on.  It's also great value at a similar price to what you'd normally pay for a meal.

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